Syska LED products are brighter, highly energy efficient and more durable. They have very good colour rendition and choice of colour temperature. Now, LED light bulbs are being produced in virtually every shape and base size. In this article, we'll explain the most popular alpha-numeric designations so it will be easy for you to find just what you need to replace traditional light sources everywhere in your home and business.




      Bayonet sockets:-



B22 – Popular large "Bayonet" - push-and-twist, 22mm in diameter ,found in many ceiling fittings found generally in table lamps and ceiling pendants


      Screw sockets:-


E27 – the ‘fat screw’, Medium Edison Screw, usually found in table lamps, ceiling, wall and floor lamps. (Base diameter of 27mm).






MR16 – low voltage lamps with pin type socket(5.3 mm apart)

GU10 – medium voltage lamps, they’ve got two fat pins so you push and twist the lamp into the fitting to lock it in. (10mm apart)






T8 – The thinner strip light (26mm diameter) that has taken over from the T12 because of improved efficiency.


T5 – The newest form of strip lighting and the thinnest (16mm diameter). Unfortunately there’s no LED alternative for these due to the thinness of the pins.