Here’s how can LED lamp and a pair of fresh flowers can add freshness to your living room
Redefine your living with subtle lightning and few other simple hacks

Living room is one space in the house where we entertain, relax, watch TV and do countless number of activities that are certainly hard to list down. Hence, decorating it in a way that your things/products of utility are easily accessible and also give your living room a fine look is a must. So if you’re planning to redefine the look of your living room, without planning to spend much then here’s how you can do it.

Check out these five amazing ways that can lighten up the look of your living room in no time, while also adding a touch of class and elegance to your comfort space.

Use LED lamp: A pop of lightning in one corner of a room changes the whole look of the room making it brighter and visually interesting. LED lamps are available online in an array of colours, shapes and sizes and are easily available online at affordable rates. Hence, adding an LED lamp besides your sofa or TV is sure to make your space look appealing and elegant.

Place a side table: Create a small storage unit next to your sofa and stack all your essentials at one place in style. From placing your lamp to stacking your reading books, this table can be utilized for all the things that you require while you’re sitting in the living area of your house.

Hang plates: Make the most of those unused place to give a dynamic look to those dull looking walls. With varying hues, texture and sizes, plates instantly add a dramatic touch, while also being a quirky idea to reflect your décor style.

Use fresh flowers: Flowers instantly add freshness and colour to any space, so perk up the décor statement of your house with a bouquet of fresh flowers. However, don’t forget to make use of an antique vase.

Embrace a pattern for flooring:  Rugs just don’t prevent your flooring from any kind of damage, but also give a tactile and visually alluring look to it. Use patterned rugs that go in contrast with your house furniture.

So try out these budget-friendly ways to give an instant makeover to the corners of your living room.