• 3 millions shades

    Choose from 3 mil shades via easy to use app.You can now move from violet to green to mauve while going indigo.

  • Wireless technology

    Control the bulb from bluetooth technology app which has wireless range of 10m.

  • Mobile app controlled

    Download "Syska Rainbow LED" from app/play store to enjoy all the features.

  • Longer Lifespan

    Upto 25000 hours.

Colour Palette

Users can change the LED colours and brightness easily using the color palette

Key features

  • 1. Dimmable & brightness control.​
  • 2.Color palette to change the colors.
  • 3.Pick & change colors from camera or photograph.
  • 4.Changes colors per music. Music Sync.
  • 5.Schedule bulb to go on & off​.
  • Universal Doc

    The user need not buy new fixtures as the smart light have the same screw in base that the
    user use with the regular light bulbs.

  • Schedule a light alarm

    The app also enables an alarm clock and similar functions, as well as simulate the sun rising and circadian rhythm, letting the light urge you to sleep, wake you up and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

  • Pick color from Camera or Photo

    The user can pick the desired color from the bulb, from the camera or a photo. The color of the bulb will be sensed and is variable on the visual perception of the photo or snapshot from the camera.