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Yes, Syska Rainbow is a LED bulb with Smart Light Technology. You can save upto 70% & can use the bulb as normal LED bulb.
Lifespan of the bulb is 25000 hrs.
Syska Rainbow LED comes with 2 years warranty.
The bulb has B22 Base. It can be easily fit in all the bulb sockets in India.
Syska Rainbow LED app can be downloaded from Google play store or iOS store. Search for "Syska Rainbow LED" & you can download the app.
App is using Bluetooth technology easily available in all range of mobiles. Wireless range is 10m.
    Download the app from Google play store or iOS store
  • Install the app.

  • App will search for the Bluetooth device.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile.

  • Pair the app with bulb via Bluetooth.

  • Get Started…
No Problem. App is working on Bluetooth  connectivity, hence no problem during intermediate call.
Absolutely No. Bluetooth connection consumes very less power compare to wifi.
Yes . It remains with last selected colors. But for other media related apps like music, game, heart beats, roars etc it goes with single color if power of the battery goes OFF.
Yes, you can setup timeline to change color, ON & OFF. Otherwise, it maintains selected colour.
No Problem. App is working on Bluetooth  connectivity, hence no problem during intermediate call.
    Users can change the LED colors & brightness using the color palette. Follow below steps -
  • Open the color palette using app

  • click on the desired color on the palette & the bulb's color will change.
In color palette, brightness of the bulb can be dimmed by scrolling up & down the brightness bar.
Syska Rainbow LED can offer different tones of white light & meet requirement of different environments
The user can pick desired color for the bulb using camera or a photograph. The color of the bulb will be sensed and is variable on the visual perception of the photograph or snapshot from the camera
Interaction is set of games & widgets through which user can not only play interactive games but also experience different kinds of displaying with different colors of bulb.
The user can hit the monkey by clicking the color bomb prepared by the squirrel. When the color bomb hits the monkey, the bulb will show the same color as the bomb and user will gain a point. User can shoot as many times as possible and compete with friends.
When the games starts, it is able to monitor the user sound and make bubbles explode accordingly to the decibel size through light.
Color recognition game is for kids. The app has a feature for color recognition which can teach children to recognize the color. The bulb will show the same light as the picture displaying on the screen along with a soft voice prompting right or wrong.
The users heartbeat frequency can be measured by the heart feeling feature in the app. The same will be displayed in the form of the bulb light.
Users can put the phone in the pocket & the bulb light brightness will change according to the movements of the user while dancing.
The app includes a function scene, where users can not only change the light effects by combining it with the sound of music or movie but also set breathing modes, which makes the Bluetooth module automatically change the LED bulb color when the phone is away from the bulb.
The app also supports group mode & smart profiles. Through the group mode, multiple bulbs can be added in the same group and the user can control color and brightness of all simultaneously
The app also enables an alarm clock and similar functions, as well as simulate the sun rising and circadian rhythm, letting the light urge you to sleep, wake you up and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.